We`re in the Endgame now. A ten year movie-saga, which was one of the biggest and riskiest in the modern times of cinematography, came to an end. The Russo-brothers made a bet and won. Except some really awful movies they have accomplished two things: made a ton of money and also returned the Superhero-genre movies to the place where they belong. If you`re not a Geek or You did not see the Endgame yet, please stop reading. Major spoiler alert!



If the whole World is watching You, if You`re telling a gigantic 22-movie story, the last piece must be a cathartic one. To get the ooh`s and aah`s to another level, to reach the max of the WTF-effect in a positive way. Nothing else matters. Was the ENDGAME capable of that? Just partly, to be honest. Maybe the problem was not with this movie, but with the one before. It could not top the Infinity War, i think we can all agree to that. The first act of the great conflict against Thanos showed us something we did not see in any Superhero Marvel film yet: the most powerful enemy all-time, the biggest fight scenes, an awesome storyline, a complex villain and a movie without a happy end. When I was at the movies I almost could not stand up from my seat, i was deeply shocked. Sure, we did not know the fact, that there will be another movie after Infinity War. The after-credit scene just ruined the wow. I just knew that the Good will destroy the Evil. The Good always wins, and it is so annoying and predictable. Sure, I understand the need of emotional build-up, the audience has to love the characters. And I understand the need of a moral satisfaction in every movie, but this way You just know the ending. And that happened to Endgame too.


As You surely know there were a lot of theories about the plot, especially how our Heroes gonna win and how can they bring back all the lost and disappeared souls. The time travel solution was a little corny for me, I mean almost every movie uses it nowadays. I saw a greater opportunity in the “Soul Stone theory”, opening a whole new world with limitless possibilities. At the end it was time travel, and I have to admit, almost perfect.


After the disastrous defeat our Heroes are licking their wounds while figuring out Thanos` location. After a short conversation the remaining Avengers soon figure out the location of the planet called “The Gardens”. Thanos is alone there. After a quick chit-chat they are even angrier with him. Thanos destroyed all the Infinity Stones, so in his frustration Thor cuts off his head. Meanwhile Tony Stark and Nebula are floating in space in a ship slowly running out of oxygen. Thanks to Captain Marvel they survive and return to Earth. Tony starts a family with Pepper and lives happily ever after. End of story, we are waiting for the next villain. But no. Cut. The story continues five years later. Thanks to a “special” rat Scott Lang a.k.a. the Ant-Man comes back from the quantum realm after five years. Nonsense. After a short and painful conversation our heroes are able to persuade Tony that there is hope. That everyone can be saved. And Tony (of course) needed just one evening and some luck to figure out the mathematical equation of time travel. You just have to put on a time travel suit and let`s go! Get all the Infinity Stones before Thanos and everything is solved.


The idea is far from original, but it is not necessarily bad. The writers did a good job revisiting all the famous and important locations by reliving some of the great moments of the last 10 years of MCU. And here comes the twist which saved the movie: Thanos finds out the plan by catching the future-Nebula. Meanwhile our heroes` mission is accomplished, all the stones are collected and almost everybody returns to the base. The so called “second snap”, performed by Professor Hulk, is successful. The vanished half of the World`s population is back, but so is past-Thanos with his whole army. A small fight, the Good are losing, the purple Titan is about to destroy mankind. And that`s where I had goosebumps for the first time during the movie. In a moment all the lost heroes, all Asgardians, Wakanda-people and every positive character from the last 22 movies reappears on silver screen and You just know there will be an epic fight between the light and the dark side. The Good`s fight against the Evil is truly an epic cavalcade of visual effects boosted with the fantastic and heroic version of the main Avengers theme music. During Captain America`s “Avengers, assemble!” line I even shed some tears. In this gigantic fight scene almost everyone kicked or punched Thanos at least once, but we are losing again. Only one thing is different now. Dr.Strange knows the only winning outcome of this conflict, and Tony realizes the sacrifice he has to make. He steals the Stones off Thanos`s Gauntlet, and with the most badass and iconic line of all-MCU, snaps the mad bastard and his army to death. Tony Stark dies too. Brilliant endgame, but we kinda knew it was coming. Some of the main characters had to die, that is how You complete the bittersweet first era of superheroes. I know, it is hard and confusing to summarize three hours of action in one page, so just watch the movie please.



Maybe we should start with those who are (probably) not returning to the silver screen in the next decade. After eleven years we have to say goodbye to Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans.

Iron Man – Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr. 

Maybe he is not the First Avenger, maybe he is not the strongest at all, but RDJ`s portrayal of Iron Man was by far the coolest. I think we can agree on that. It started with him, it had to end with him too. The repeat of the iconic “I am Iron Man” line made this badass character the best of the MCU. The character-ending is clever and emotional, the image of a loving father and husband perfectly completed the arrogant, egocentric and selfish Tony Stark we knew. Sure, as I said, we needed Robert Downey Jr. for that. His absence will be a major hole for some time.


Captain America – Steve Rogers – Chris Evans

Strictly in my opinion Steve Rogers` character was by far the less coolest of them all. This maybe connected to the poor acting of Chris Evans, or maybe the costume or the overwhelming patriotism, i don`t know. Anyway, his character ending was not bad either, he just had the life he always wanted next to Peggy Carter. I am going to set aside every major plot-hole in this case, but i don`t wanna be the bad guy. To be honest he had a great moment in the movie by finally being worthy to hold and swing Thor`s first hammer, a.k.a. the Mjölnir. That was really cool.


Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff – Scarlett Johannson

We love Scarlett Johannson! The character of Black Widow was the true glue of the heavily male-based group called the Avengers. She was a breath of fresh air and fought always hard despite the fact, that she is no god or superhuman. Her death is absolutely meaningless, for me Hawkeye, the newest Ronin stand-in was much more expendable. We won`t say a final goodbye to Natasha though, the solo Black Widow movie is on it`s way.

If I understood the storyline and the endings properly only these characters will be gone. However, there is another character whose future is very uncertain in the next MCU phase. A fat, alcoholic and depressed God of Thunder was a bit much for me. This kinda character deformations makes me like the “Infinity War” and the “Civil War” movies over this one. And i`m not talking about the humor but the philosophy that shows these superheroes as everyday human beings. They are not. They are mainly positive heroes, mutants or god-figures. It was unnecessary to ruin Thor`s image like this.




The inconsistency of the plot caused by Nebula`s time travel and the world saving rat were the things which damaged this movie, sure. But in the end it was a great film by putting the emotions over quality. The Russo brothers are not afraid to take risks, to think outside the box, that`s for sure. It`s !almost! Nolan-ish, but just almost. But i am happy that nowadays some of the best movies are superhero/comicbook movies, this was unimaginable after the 80`s and the 90`s. (Batman Forever)

We are going to miss some of the characters, the cinematic world will be a bit emptier without them, but I am looking forward to the MCU`s next 10-year saga. If any of the upcoming movies can top the quality of “Infinity War” or “Civil War”, this decade will be fun.



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